Which One Is Better For Us, 150 Density Wig Vs. 180 Density Wig?

Human hair wigs are becoming more popular in today’s culture, especially as the number of people suffering from hair loss continues to rise. They wear their hair to get their favorite hair and feel more confident. Hair wigs of different types and densities are available. To get the desired shape, it is necessary to know about 150% and 180% density.

This article will discuss everything about wig density and how to choose the perfect wig density for your next wig purchase.

What is wig density?

The amount of hair sewn on the wig cap to make the whole head of hair is called wig density. Hair density determines whether the hair is thin or thick.

Simply put, the thicker the wig, the fuller the hair, and vice versa.

When you compare two people’s hair, you will see that their hair density varies, which shows why one person’s hair is very thick while the other has medium or short hair. Similarly, wigs are classified based on hair density.

The average hair density in real hair wigs is 130, which is classified as medium or natural density. It is so named because the density of normal human hair is between 100 and 130.

What are the most popular types of wig density?

  • 130% wig density
  • 150% wig density
  • 180% wig density
  • 200% wig density
  • 250% wig density

Why is wig density important?

If you believe that wig density is not a factor then you are wrong. Most vendors make wigs of different densities, each of which has an attractive shape and form.

Getting the right density of wig will allow you to adopt hairstyles that look natural and beautiful on you.

In most cases, buying a wig with a hair density equal to your real hair is the best option. People will be able to tell if you are wearing a wig or not if you are not wearing a wig. A wig as thick as your hair will prevent you from feeling uncomfortable on your head or damaging your scalp.

Important Reasons to Consider Hair Density When Buying a Wig

  • Style choices

The density of the wig will greatly affect the hair you can wear. Different densities have unique properties that allow you to personalize them. Depending on the type and shape you want, you will have to choose a wig with a specific density of hair.

  • Wig care and maintenance

When you buy 100% natural human hair wigs, they are expensive and require care. To maintain the fullness and texture of the hair, low density wigs should be maintained with light hair care products. Knowing the density of the wig will allow you to take better care of your hair.

  • Expenses

High-density wigs cost more than low-density wigs. Knowing the different densities of hair can help you strike the right balance between price and quality. Knowing the characteristics of wigs of different densities can help you choose the best purchase.

What is 150% hair density wig?

When compared to a medium density wig, a 150% density wig produces a more complete and larger shape. It is slightly thicker and is used by women to give it a fuller shape. Wigs with high density offer a lot of bounce, movement and styling possibilities. Heavy-density wigs can also be used to turn hair into curly and wavy hair.

Advantages of 150% density wig

  • Light weight
  • comfortable
  • Very easy to wear.
  • High breathing ability
  • Good air ventilation for the scalp
  • Natural search

What is 180% hair density wig?

180% density wig is very thick and has a unique shape. Women who want to look fuller and taller, usually artists or actresses who need to perform, wear heavy-duty wigs. The high density of the wig allows you to wear unusual hair styles, however, it can cause a slight irritation to your scalp.

Advantages of 180% density wig

  • Very thick
  • The whole scalp of hair
  • Helps to get a special look.
  • Too much hair
  • Long lasting
  • Different hair styles

How do you choose your best wig density?

This is the most incredible part. Now that you know the different densities and characteristics of wigs, it’s time to choose one of your options. Many people think that the only important factor to consider is haircut and color. However, as mentioned earlier, hair density plays an important role in determining how well a wig will look on you.

Before choosing a wig density, you need to consider the following factors.

  • Wig construction

The first thing you should think about is the construction of the wig. Because they affect the comfort and value of the wig. There are different types of lace front wig, lace part wig, V / U part wig, T part wig, and headband wig. Lace front wigs provide the most natural shape and comfort. Non-adhesive wigs, such as U-part wigs, V-part wigs and headband wigs, are the easiest to install and remove.

  • Density of hair at birth

First you need to estimate the natural density of your hair. This is especially important if you plan to combine a wig with your hair.

Also, if you want the wig to look natural, you should choose a wig that matches the density of your hair.

  • Hair details

You have to choose the density of the wig based on your desired shape. For example, low-density alternatives may be helpful if you want to curl your hair. On the other hand, if you want a straight and smooth shape, a heavy hair density wig would be a great alternative.


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